Official release of Bossbae’s debut EP, Disease

We’re happy to announce to all Stoners and music lover that our front line artist Bossbae has officially released her debut EP, titled Disease The EP consists of 6 songs featuring Epixode, Rudebwoy Ranking, Tsoobi and Toff Pandis . All songs on the EP was recorded inside RS Music Studio with production and engineering credits to Lexyz, Deportee, Beathynex, Witty and Arioso Legato Get the complete EP below. Download, share, enjoy and have fun with it.

Bossbae – Bruk It Off (Intro) (Prod. by Lexyz)(Mixed By DePortee)[Download]

Bossbae – Swehnana ft Toff Pandis (Prod. by Lexyz)(Mixed by Deportee)[Download]

Bossbae – Codeine (Prod. by Lexyz)(Mixed by Deportee)[Download]

Bossbae – Gimme Dhat Ft Epixode (Prod. by Lexyz)[Download]

Bossbae – Nuh Fight (Dicksnn) (Prod. by Arioso Legato)(Mixed By DePortee)[Download]

Bossbae – Cyaan Rate Me Ft Rudebwoy Ranking (Prod. by Witty ) (Mixed By Beatzhynex)[Download]

Bossbae – Give It To Him Ft Tsoobi ( Prod. by Lexyz)[Download]

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